Corydalis wendelboi Liden

in Turkey, Kavas Dag, 28 april 2006 (pictures 1 & 6)
in Turkey, Sögüt between Fethiye and Korkuteli, 25 april 2006 (2, 3 & 5)
in Turkey, Denizli, Honaz Dag, ca.2200m, 31 april 2006 (picture 4)

Description in Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh, 45(2): 355 (1988 publ. 1989)

According to Flora of Turkey, the European species Corydalis solida is present in SW.Turkey.
It is an error announced by Magnus Liden in "Corydalis, a gardener's guide and a monograph of the tuberous species". It is, in fact, Corydalis wendelboi. Confirmation of the determination of these photographs by Magnus Liden.